13 - First meeting held for European charismatic pastors.

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Several times during these years of meetings, Williams traveled throughout Europe with David du Plessis where they would speak at different Universities and churches, following a busy schedule set up by du Plessis.  Many Spirit filled ministers, they found, hungered for fellowship with other like believers, and asked Williams to set up such a meeting.  He did so with the first meeting held at Schloss Craheim, a place that also was used for one of the Catholic/Pentecostal Dialogues.  From left to right in picture:  Thomas Roberts-Wales, Emil Dalliere-France, J. Rodman Williams, Leslie Dorn-Denmark, Paul Regimbal-Canada, Jean-Daniel Fischer-France, Sandy Shaw-Scotland, David Bailie-North Ireland, Fred Cadenius-Italy, Athanasios Emmert-Greek Orthodox, Arnold Bittlinger-Germany.

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