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Quotes from some outstanding Christian leaders about Renewal Theology:

Stanley Burgess:  "While Williams is a leader and one of the most prominent thinkers in the charismatic movement, it should not be assumed that he is a one-issue theologian.  In his three volume Renewal Theology, Williams deals systematically with the full range of Christian truth, including such topics as angels, the effects of sin, the incarnation, and Christian living.  But each of these is treated from the charismatic perspective.  For example, he discusses in considerable detail the role of the Holy Spirit in inspiring Holy Writ, and then in illuminating scriptural passages for the reader.  In similar fashion, he asserts that the climactic blessing of the exalted Lord is the gift of the Holy Spirit, and that the indwelling of Christ in the believer is identical with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit." Quote from Handbook of Evangelical Theologians, p. 320, with permission from publisher Baker Books and author.

Pat Robertson: "If ever we needed a scripturally sound theology that also affirms the power of the Holy Spirit, the time is now. A leading theologian in the renewal movement and the founding professor of theology at Regent University, J. Rodman Williams has been a friend and colleague for over two decades. His Renewal Theology is a milestone in biblical scholarship."

Jack Hayford: "J. Rodman Williams' work and workmanship are helping secure the moorings of solid theology, bringing doctrinal perspective to and fresh biblical accountability upon the charismatic movement. His scholarship and his spiritual sensitivity are beautifully blended and are a blessing to us all."

John Wimber: "J. Rodman Williams has made a commendable effort in theologizing in a contemporary context. It's exciting to me to see reformed theology and renewal emphasis come together. I highly recommend the book."

Carl Henry: "With this book (referring to volume 3), J. Rodman Williams, writing from a charismatic perspective, completes a systematic theology of three volumes for which many evangelicals have long looked."

Russell Spittler: "A landmark in charismatic theology! The high view of Scripture which controls Professor Williams's theological methods leads me to predict that this three-volume systematic theology will become the standard in Pentecostal and charismatic colleges and ministerial training institutes wherever English is read."