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The Ten Commandments - Click the image to preview the book and order your copy.

The Ten Commandments, written by Dr. Williams in 1959, and published in March 2013, may be purchased online from Amazon as well as local Christian bookstores.

Click the image to preview the book and order your copy:

Dr. Williams at the summit of Mt. Sinai

The influence of these sacred Words upon the very course of human history is inestimable. These highly revered dictates, received by Moses, represent a unifying moral code accepted by every major world religion. Even those who claim little or no faith at all use these God-given standards as a compass for right vs. wrong.

Despite their undeniable imprint and timeless authority, many ask what sort of bearing these ancient Words, recorded thousands of years ago, could have in the modern era. What do and should they mean to the contemporary world? What hope do fallible humans beings have after violating these holy requirements?

Photographed above at the summit of Mount Sinai, J. Rodman Williams explores the depths of these ten life-affirming Laws and the impact of God's Truth and Grace for all who would dare to believe.